Transformative Healing at MyRehab Centre

You have the power to get your life back together and pave your way to success. At ARC Rehab, it’s our duty to help you realize that power and get you back on track, so you can do and achieve more with your life. With our team of certified professionals, personalized approach, and close supervision, we are able to rekindle hope and save one life at a time.


A Unique Treatment Approach

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to substance abuse and mental health problems. People’s experiences are different, and their triggers, coping mechanisms, and trauma responses are entirely unique. Because of this, it’s essential to create an individualized approach curated for each patient to provide effective care.

At ARC Rehab, we take our time to understand our patients and devise a personalized treatment plan suitable for their needs. We listen astutely to their stories and analyze the environmental, emotional, and psychological factors contributing to their situation.


Helping You Reclaim Your Life

The experienced staff at our dual diagnosis treatment center have developed a unique recovery program that is based on a personal approach that focuses on not only the addiction but on treating the underlying causes that started the addiction. 

Evidence-Based Substance Abuse and Mental Health Programs

Since we established our substance abuse rehab, it’s been our mission to deliver evidence-backed and results-oriented treatment. We meticulously study the patient’s condition and identify proven programs that could help them succeed in the long run.

From there, we make necessary adjustments and customize treatment strategies to accommodate their needs and preferences. Our goal is to help them make long-term positive changes, so they can lead a meaningful life free from substance abuse or mental health problems.

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Space for Recovering Patients

Since our facility was created, we’ve seen and helped numerous people from different walks of life. At ARC, we always strive to create an inclusive and respectful atmosphere for our patients to help them feel safe and comfortable to open up.

Creating a safe and inclusive space is the first of our many visions for our mental health care rehab in Benoni. As we continue to expand our facilities, we hope to welcome more people in and help them overcome their struggles.

Meet The Team

At the core of our success in addiction rehabilitation lies our compassionate team of professionals. Comprised of addiction specialists, therapists, holistic practitioners, and empathetic support staff, our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, we ensure our clients receive comprehensive support throughout their journey to recovery.