5 Ways You Can Avoid Drug Relapse


Date: 22 March 2024

No matter where you are in your recovery, you realize that the key to staying clean and sober is hard work. From treatment and 12-step groups to adopting an overall healthy lifestyle, continued sobriety requires a hands-on approach. While you may have a solid recovery program, the threat of relapse is always near. In this article, you will learn of five important ways you can avoid drug relapse during your recovery.

Keep Temptation at Arm’s Length

Perhaps the most important tip in avoiding drug relapse is to steer clear of those people, places, and things that can trigger using thoughts. While you may feel on top of the world in your recovery—and especially early in your recovery—thinking you can place yourself in high-risk situations is a recipe for disaster. When you encounter a situation where substance use is occurring or are feeling the urge to use choose constructive outlets like calling a sponsor, attending a meeting, or even dialing a 24hr helpline.

Lean on Your Support System

An important way in preventing relapse is to align with people that are completely in your corner in regard to your recovery. These people can include family, friends, peers in your support groups, counselors and sponsors. These support systems will provide the encouragement and support you need in good times as well as bad times. Conversely, you must be proactive in removing those in your life who continue to use a substance. If you find it necessary, remove their phone numbers and unfriend them from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Develop a Healthy Daily Routine

Implementing a healthy daily routine is another excellent way to ward off relapse. This daily schedule may include some of the following elements:

  • Ongoing outpatient treatment
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Exercise
  • Volunteer Work

By creating this type of schedule, you are developing a new and healthier routine that is conducive to recovery. Additionally, you are also minimizing any idle time and down time could lead to thoughts of using which ultimately could lead to relapse.

Don’t Be Complacent!

There will be times in your recovery where your motivation may not be at a high level and you may start feeling comfortable with your success in sobriety. These feelings of complacency are dangerous to your recovery and can undermine all your hard work. If you find things that work for you, keep on going. However, if you start feeling stuck in recovery it is important to identify what is keeping you stuck and incorporate new things into your overall plan of recovery.

Don’t Dwell on Relapse

While you may not want to think about it, relapse is real in recovery—and common. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of those in recovery will experience one relapse within the first four years of their sobriety. If a drug relapse happens to you, it is very important not to become stuck in guilt. Instead, use relapse as a learning tool and find new ways to move past relapse.

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